About Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet was the name of my first company based in New York.

It essentially was a name responding to the fact that the world was getting increasingly smaller. I saw technology as a principal driver of that. The image above is a graphic representation of early internet activity across the globe. That process had started earlier in the eighties with the arrival of satellite television and global events such as Live Aid. Now global events occur every day on the web, a common event as available to terrorists as it is to self-distributed feature film-makers.

Later when it came to forming our new film production company over in Ireland, we discovered that the web address was used by someone else. So we went with a new favourite identity, Janey Pictures, based on the old Dublin slang, Janey Mackers, and the fact that we always used to call films in Ireland, the pictures.

I retained Tiny Planet as the name of my personal blog which has nothing to do with the company and is purely a random mixum-gatherum of responses to technological advance particularly as it pertains to culture and creative media, a bit of Apple gossip and the delights of living where I do.


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