There’s some apps you just don’t bother replacing.

Preview for one.

Acrobat has tons more features but it’s slow and over-complex and takes an age to load. It’s not really for just looking at stuff, it’s about doing something, the real app is the Pro version and the cut down version has to carry the baggage of an app with a lot to do.

Preview is nimble and accurate and does the job for PDFs and images of all formats. Why change it? I never thought I would until Skim came out the other day.

I used Skim for two minutes, then quit, selected a PDF in Path Finder, chose Get Info and set the default app for all PDFs to Skim.

It’s nimble and nice looking. It does just what you want it to do when what you want is To Look At Stuff.


it’s got a quick magnify tool, a cool floating window which can zoom in on different parts of a page.

You can open up multiple windows on a document at last.

It’s got lots of annotation options, more than Preview, and you can search for notes while you’re at it.

It’s got a nifty Fullscreen and Presentation mode where I can see being used as a basic powerpoint or keynote replacement.

And it’s free.

Skim Recommended.


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