Macworld 07

And the speculation is in full tilt…

They must feel good about whatever it is… a new computer? Hard to see it, they have a matrix that is now complete and completely Intel. And looking at them it’s hard to see where it would be done. An 8-core MacPro is doable but not necessarily something the world is ready for software wise. An iMac or equivalent would be Apple’s traditional site of change but no one is hollering for that. The tablet market is small…. Steve will never do a PDA…

This for a phone? I dunno… Frankly there’s a bunch of great phones out there now. But the level of chatter is so high, it must be on the cards.

Apple since Jobs return has been pushing its own version of what kind of digital media universe we all live in. With the iTV preannouncement last year, Jobs indicated that the circle was now complete. A vision that media would be created digitally, distributed digitally, purchased digitally and consumed digitally. Oh and they’re all Quicktime files you own. The iTV will likely get a full unveiling.

The iTV will have a cut down version of the OS… What if the phone had the same cut down version of the OS…

I wonder if the phone could stream files the same way the iTV will? So once within the range of it’s iTunes Library it could browse and listen or view videos and photos?

What if a new video iPod could do the same thing?

You could use a phone, your iPod or the iTV to view the media you own on that there computer you own. And the computer could be a PC don’t forget so the whole market is available to you.

I think given the teaser on the Apple site… and the overall direction Apple have taken the big theme will be about how it all joins up.


2 Responses to Macworld 07

  1. Steve says:

    I agree on getting something big with the vision thing… Apple certainly seems to be raising temperatures for something on their homepage.

    I’m still sceptical about the iPhone too. I think there could be one, but wouldn’t be on it. If it appears is really needs to have something neat that we’ve never really seen before… It’s a crowded and competitive market, where innovation usually comes in the form of gimmicks, so it would be great to see Apple introduce something the world actually needs, and not just iPod + phone.

  2. mind says:

    mind says : I absolutely agree with this !

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